Backyard Brewing Tournament 2021 ~ results

We were so stoked with the calibre of homebrews that were submitted this year, and it showed; with more awards handed out than any other year. The judges graded each submission over various categories. Below is the full list of awards from the judges results:


WINNER 1st place - James Kossen – German Pilnser

WINNER 2nd place - David Cable – Maltyaximus, Strong Ales & Lagers / Dopplebock

WINNER 3rd place - Gary Zahra – Loose Juice, NEIPA


Bert Heijlen – Black Blood, Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Scott McNab – American Lager, International Pale Ale

Joel Mason – The Dark Path Porter, American Porter

Mick Considine – Koppenberg, Belgian Dubbel


Nicholas Brown – Risge & Shine Roasted Coconut Coffee Stout, Sweet Stout

Ryan Walker – La Sombra, Black IPA

Rhys Fleay – The Geezer Brown Ale, London Brown Ale

Rodrigo Carlessi – Space Time, Imperial Stout

Collin Abbott – Stout, Jah , Tropical Stout

Jason Maiolo – Sneaky Bees Braggot, Braggot

Anthony Scholfield – Storm in a Tiki Cup, Black IPA

Ryan Poppas – Wild Times, Brett Lager

Dean Kelly – Amarum Australis, Australian Dark Ale

Kim Watling – Sunray Pils, German Pils